Shoulder arthroscopy

Arthroscopy, also known as keyhole surgery, allows your surgeon to look inside your shoulder through a small cut using a miniature camera. This means that they can quickly diagnose problems and often treat them at the same time. Because this is a minimally invasive form of surgery, your recovery time is much quicker and you should experience less pain.


During your operation, which will be carried out under general anaesthetic and should take around forty-five minutes, your surgeon will make up to four small incisions around your shoulder. A tiny camera is then inserted and surgical instruments are used to repair any damage or underlying issues.


You will normally return home the same day, and should be able to resume your everyday activities within three months. Regular exercise may help you get back to normal activities even sooner, but do check with your doctor first. It will take time for the pain to lessen, so be patient. It is very likely that you will notice an improvement to your symptoms, but there is a possibility that they may return in time.


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