Bunion Surgery

A bunion is a painful, hard lump on the side of your foot, at the bottom of your big toe. They are often caused by poorly fitting shoes that cause pressure on the toes, pushing them out of their natural position. Occasionally bunions are associated with arthritis of the big toe joint. Bunion surgery will straighten your big toe and enable you to wear normal shoes more comfortably.


During the operation, which takes place under general or local anaesthetic and lasts around half an hour, your surgeon might need to release or tighten the ligaments aligning the big toe and straighten the other toes.


You should expect to return home within one to two days, and should try to keep your leg raised for a week to reduce any swelling. Your surgeon may decide to put your leg in a plaster cast for a few weeks and you’ll probably need a walking aid such as crutches until the pain and swelling settles down.

Light exercise will help you return to your normal activities quickly but do check with your doctor. You can expect to be wearing normal shoes again in about six weeks, but this varies from patient to patient.

This page describes the process of bunion surgery. If you have any further questions, please discuss them with your consultant.


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