GP Service (Private Doctor)

The personal attention you want, when you want it!

If you are too busy to see your GP during surgery hours, need more time to discuss your concerns or would simply like the convenience of choosing your appointment time, you can see a private GP at Highgate Private Hospital.

The Private GP service at Highgate Private Hospital complements the service you receive from your NHS GP, so there is no need to register as a patient with us, you can simply book an appointment and use the service on an odd occasion for as often as you want. Also with your permission, we will send details of the advice we have given and any medication you have been prescribed to your NHS GP for your personal medical records.

A number of GPs, both male and female, consult at Highgate Private Hospital at different times. But, if you prefer to see a specific GP or the same person each time this is of course possible.

We are proud to announce that we are also a designated Yellow Fever Centre.


Q: How does Private GP Service benefit people?

A: The service is patient-centred with all of our energies focussed on providing the patient with the best possible service and experience during their visit. Benefits include “same day” appointments whether it be early morning, evening or weekend, a choice of male or female GPs, unhurried consultations with the patient having as much time as they need and want rather than the standard 10 minute slot, numerous on-site facilities including a pharmacy, phlebotomy and radiology as well as the support of more than a hundred consultants.  Patients value the fact they can have all of their care provided by the same team on one site close to home, reducing stress, travel time and parking issues.

Q: What type of people benefit?

A: The service is flexible and is used by a range of patients including the busy professional or business client, foreign visitors, patients with minor injuries who wish to avoid casualty, patients who have yet to register with a local NHS GP, patients requesting a second opinion as well as the more traditional general practice patient who wishes to see a doctor quickly and without fuss.

Q: Do people use the service any differently because there is a cost attached to it?

A: Although it is clear from patient feedback that the patient-centred approach is popular, the service is generally used on an ad hoc basis when convenience is an issue or to complement local NHS services rather than to replace them. The cost attached will understandably be an issue for some patients who would otherwise wish to use the service on a more regular basis.

Q: Is the longer consultation time better?

A: Absolutely!  Longer consultation times benefit both patient and clinician. It enables the General Practitioner to really listen, engage with the patient, carry out a thorough assessment, answer questions, provide feedback and formulate a management plan. Often patients present are not able to identify the important features of their symptoms. A longer consultation allows the doctor to fully get to grips with the presenting features. All of this is done with the patient’s full participation.

Q: Does it change the way people receive treatment?

A: A definite yes.  The vast majority of GPs, whether in the NHS or independent sector, strive to provide the best possible care. However the reality is that the public sector, despite its best intentions, has to contend with ever increasing demands with finite resources that are already stretched.  It is certainly easier for an independent General Practitioner to treat patients in the manner that is expected by both the modern patient and the GMC as outlined in its Good Medical Practice guidelines.

Are you insured?

We welcome patients with private medical insurance, and are approved by all major insurers including Bupa and AXA PPP.

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Not insured?

We offer several fixed price self say packages, if you are thinking about paying for your own treatment.

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