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What is an open incisional hernia?

An open incisional hernia is caused by weak muscles allowing internal structures to push outside the abdominal wall as a result of an unhealed wound from a previous abdominal operation.

What is open incisional hernia repair?

This is a repair that fixes a hernia caused by an unhealed wound from a previous abdominal operation. If an abdominal wound does not heal properly, then internal organs can push through.

If a hernia is not fixed with surgery then it can become strangulated. This is when the blood supply gets cut off, causing the tissue to die. This causes serious complications and must be addressed as soon as possible.

What happens during the procedure?

The operation will last for roughly 90 minutes. Patients may opt for different forms of anaesthetic. The old wound will be reopened by the surgeon and the hernia returned to its rightful place. The weak tissue which caused the hernia will also be strengthened with stitches, and a mesh put in place and resealed.

What is recovery like?

Unlike some hernia repair procedures, for an open incisional hernia repair some patients will need to stay in hospital for up to four days. Walking during this time will be encouraged. Exercise, as recommended by your consultant, will help with recovery. Only return to work when given the all clear by your consultant. Hernias can return even after surgery.

Are there alternative options to surgery?

Support belts, supportive clothing and leaving the hernia alone can help in the short-term, but without surgery, the hernia will not heal on its own.


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