X-ray is a type of radiation that is safe and painless and used to produce images of the inside of the body. As x-rays pass through the body, energy particles (called photons) are absorbed at different rates. This pattern of absorption is what makes the X-ray image.

The parts of your body that are made up of dense material, for example bones, show up as clear white areas on an X-ray image. The parts of your body which are made of soft tissue, for example your heart & lungs, show up as darker areas. It is a very effective way of looking at bones and areas of calcification, or joints for damage or inflammation. X-rays can also be used to identify certain soft tissues and organs for signs of pathology.

Our Service

We provide a comprehensive range of X-ray examinations, for both inpatients and outpatients, using low dose digital radiography. We also offer a walk-in service for X-rays.

Your X-ray

An X-ray usually takes only a few minutes depending on what part of your body is being examined. Most of this time is spent getting into position and preparing the equipment. Your radiographer will ask you to lie down, sit or stand so that the part of your body being X-rayed is against the digital X-ray plate. The part of your body being examined is exposed to radiation for a fraction of a second and during this time you must keep absolutely still.

If you are, or there is a possibility you may be pregnant please inform the radiographer before your X-ray.

Your Results

All X-rays are reported by a Consultant Radiologist and results will be sent, to the doctor or consultant who referred you for the X-ray, within 24-48 hours.

Are you insured?

We welcome patients with private medical insurance and are approved by all major insurers, including Bupa and AXA PPP.

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Not insured?

We offer a variety of fixed price Self-Pay Packages for those considering paying for their own treatment.

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