Benign Skin Lesions Removal

This page will provide you with information about the removal of benign skin lesions. For further details, you should speak to your consultant.

What is a skin lesion?

Essentially, they are small lumps located on, or just beneath, your skin. Skin tags, lipomata, moles and epidermoid cysts are all examples of skin lesions.

Are there any other options, other than surgery?

You may decide to leave your skin lesions as they are, but surgery is the only reliable means of removing them.

What happens during surgery?

The procedure will usually take around 15 to 25 minutes. During the removal of an epidermoid cyst, your surgeon will make an oval cut (elliptical) over the cyst, before cutting it out (see figure 1).

Removing an epidermoid cyst

Figure 1
Removing an epidermoid cyst

In order to remove a lipoma, the surgeon is required to make a straight cut to your skin, directly over it. This will free up the lipoma from the tissues, and allow it to be removed. For skin tags, they can be numbed using a local anaesthetic before being removed. Moles can be removed by your surgeon by cutting all the way around it via an elliptical cut.

What are the complications?

1 General complications

  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Unsightly scarring
  • Infection at the site of surgery (wound)

2 Specific complications

  • Nerve damage
  • An epidermoid cyst or a lipoma can return
  • A larger operation may be required

What is the recovery period?

Shortly after the operation, you should be able to return home, and you should be able to go back to work the very next day, as long as you work does not put a strain on your stitches. However, it is unlikely that these procedures will stop you from carrying out your daily activities.


Skin lesions are not uncommon, and can easily be treated via surgery.

Here at Highgate Private Hospital, we have London’s leading Consultant Dermatologists who will assess your individual symptoms and concerns and undertake any diagnostic tests needed to get to the bottom of what is causing the issue. An individual treatment plan will be tailored and agreed with you.


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