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Here at Highgate Private Hospital, we are proud to offer the highest quality of care to our patients, combining clinical excellence with state-of-the-art facilities – and our Dermatology Outpatients Department is no exception.

In addition to our regular, expert-led clinics for both diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of dermatological conditions, we are excited to announce the arrival of artificial intelligence technology to aid our top consultants in the assessment of suspicious moles and for the diagnosis of melanoma. Landmark academic studies in 2018 have shown thMole mapping services at Highgate Private Hospitalis technology to outperform a large group of international, experienced specialists working without technological aid.

At Highgate, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest innovations and so have introduced FotoFinder Moleanalyzer pro® to assist our specially-trained consultants in outpatient clinics. The FotoFinder Moleanalyzer pro® has the latest in pioneering software to detect and diagnose suspicious or benign moles early, which is a crucial element of treating melanoma. It works based on a Deep Learning algorithm which, combined with top medical practice and knowledge from our consultants, provides incredibly accurate results.



This new software at Highgate is being led by one of our top dermatology consultants, Dr Ben Esdaile, who has special clinical interests in mole checks and dermoscopy (diagnosis of skin cancers using non-invasive methods. Talking on the subject he says:


Dr Ben Esdaile, Consultant Dermatologist at Highgate Private Hospital

“Early melanoma can be difficult to recognise and detect. The majority of melanomas arise on normal skin as well as in existing moles. The best form of mole mapping uses a combination of standardised digital total body photography and digital dermoscopy for the monitoring and detection of early skin cancers in patients. This combination uses computer-assisted technology with high definition imaging to detect early changes in moles that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The images detect changes over time in moles and not only help the early detection of cancer but also reduce the unnecessary removal of moles.”



If you are worried about a mole or wish to see one of our consultants to discuss the option of FotoFinder Moleanalyzer pro®, don’t delay, click here to book an appointment.


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