Nose Reshaping

Are You Ashamed Of Your Nose?

If you feel self-conscious about a facial feature, it can always seem like people are staring at it when they look at you. It can be particularly troubling when you feel unhappy with your nose, as your nose is your face’s most prominent feature and is not something you can easily cover up.

Many people who feel unhappy with the size or shape of their nose undergo a Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, also referred to as ‘Nose Surgery’ or a ‘Nose Job,’ is the most popular form of cosmetic surgery among both women and men. People that have undergone Nose Surgery report a boost in their self-confidence through the enhancement of their perceived body image.

With Nose Correction Surgery, you:

  • Can stop feeling ashamed when people look at you
  • Feel confident instead of embarrassed when your photograph is taken
  • No longer have to try to hide your nose under a scarf or behind your hand
  • Can correct the shape of your nose following an injury or deformity
  • Can cure any difficulties with breathing

The procedure involves moving, reshaping or removing bone and cartilage in the nose to ensure that it is proportionate to other facial features. The majority of patients wish to reduce the profile of their nose, but occasionally people request an increase in size.

The end result is a natural-looking nose that does not dominate your other features, but complements them instead.

Nose Reshaping FAQs

What will I gain from having Nose Surgery?

So long as you are realistic with what can be achieved, you will be extremely happy with the results of your Rhinoplasty. A discussion with your surgeon will allow you to determine exactly what you wish to get out of your surgery. You may want to change the profile of your nose, reduce the size of your nostrils, or perhaps alter the bridge of your nose so that it has a softer curve.

What does the procedure entail?

You will be put under general anaesthetic and in most cases, you will be required to stay overnight following your surgery. During the operation, your surgeon will make an incision inside the nose to separate soft tissues from the underlying structure. This will enable them to reshape or reposition the nose. In some instances, cartilage is taken from other areas of the body and is used to build a new nose profile.

Once the nose has been reshaped, the skin and tissue surrounding it is placed back over the structure. If you have your nostrils reshaped, incisions will be made along the natural creases of your nostrils between your nose and cheek.

How long will it take for me to recover?

The majority of people return to work after one week. You will be required to wear a small plaster dressing for a week or so, which will support and protect the bones as they set in the new position. Any swelling or bruising will begin to ease after 10-14 days, and this can be helped by applying a cold compress once the dressing has been removed.

You must bear in mind that you may only be able to see the real results of your Rhinoplasty once the nose has completely healed, which can take up to half a year.

Will I have scars?

There are no external scars, unless you have the size of your nostrils reduced. In this case, any scarring will fade over time. If you have had your nasal bones reset, you may experience swelling, bruising, or ‘black eyes’ following the procedure. It is important to avoid putting pressure on your nose until it is completely healed.

Does the surgery hurt?

You won’t feel a thing during surgery as you will be under general anaesthetic. You may, however, feel soreness following your procedure, but you will receive prescribed medication to help you manage this. Many patients are surprised by how little pain they feel following surgery

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