Earfold at Highgate Private Hospital

After many years of experience in delivering quality care for ear, nose, and throat conditions, Highgate Private Hospital is delighted to offer the innovative Earfold procedure – a rapid and revolutionary treatment for prominent/protruding ears.

Prominent ears affect around 1-2% of the UK population and can affect your quality of life. The Earfold procedure has successfully treated prominent ears in both adults and children who require ear correction surgery.

What is Earfold?

Earfold is a thin, curved, metal implant, approximately 5 mm wide and 15 mm long, that is made from a lightweight super-elastic alloy of titanium and nickel. It is safely and widely used in medical devices and is coated with 24-carat gold to reduce visibility under your skin.


How it Works

Led by some of the most trusted ENT surgeons, the Earfold® procedure is a minimally-invasive and relatively painless procedure performed under local anaesthesia.

Mr Ravinder Natt, Consultant ENT Surgeon with a specialist interest in facial aesthetic surgery at Highgate Hospital, has treated a significant number of patients using the Earfold® implant and believes that it has truly revolutionised ear correction surgery.

The feedback received from patients has been excellent, they have been delighted by the results achieved and pleased with the minimal recovery time.” – Mr Ravinder Natt – ENT Surgeon


The Initial Consultation:

For your initial consultation, your Consultant will explore your requirements with you and how you would like your ears to look. Following this, one or two temporary positioners will then be used per ear to achieve the desired effect. When you’re happy with the look anticipated, photographs will be taken to ensure that the same result is achieved when the permanent implants are inserted.


The Procedure:

On the day of the procedure, your Consultant will administer a local anaesthetic and gently insert the Earfold® implant under your skin. After it is inserted, the implant springs into shape, helping to correct your ear prominence.

Earfold treatment before and after

Why Opt for this Procedure?

A comprehensive initial consultation offers you the choice to decide how your ears will look before the treatment.

When you opt for Earfold over traditional surgery, you:

  1. Have a shorter recovery time with no bandages or dressings
  2. Walk in and walk out – the procedure takes only 20 minutes for each ear and is done under local anaesthesia
  3. Require minimal aftercare.

Earfold treatment
The results are very predictable and patients have this relatively painless procedure performed under a local anaesthetic and are awake throughout. There is the great advantage of minimal disruption to their life and work schedule. However, for more complex corrective surgery, traditional otoplasty still plays an important role. “

Mr Ravinder Natt – ENT Surgeon with a specialist interest in facial aesthetic surgery


Post Procedure Guidance

Once you’ve undergone the procedure, you may experience:

  • Numb ears because of the local anaesthetic (this is normal and may last for up to two hours)
  • Some pain for a few days that will usually settle with simple analgesia
  • Some swelling or bruising for up to 6 weeks after the procedure
  • Sensitivity in your ears.  For how long?

To help your recovery it is recommended that you:

  • Try to sleep on your back for up to four weeks to avoid pressure on your ears
  • Avoid contact sports for 3 weeks
  • Try not to smoke for at least 3 months as nicotine reduces the blood supply to your ear and greatly increases the risk of complications (this is also true of e-cigarettes and nicotine patches or chewing gum).

To reduce the risk of infection:

  • Clean your mobile phone with a wet wipe disinfectant before using it
  • Avoid wearing earrings for 3 weeks (or 6 weeks for earrings in the upper part of the ear)
  • Be gentle when washing your hair and showering.

What are the prices for Earfold?

Initial Consultation for assessment £160
1 implant £2112
2 implants £2825
3 implants £3537
4 implants £4250
Follow up appointments incur no additional fee.


Earfold at Highgate Private Hospital Consultants