Ear Reshaping

Ever find yourself looking in the mirror and wishing you had less prominent ears? Maybe you hold them back to see what you would look like if they had a new, less embarrassing position? It can be very upsetting to have a part of your body that you are intensely unhappy with, but when that part is on your face it can be even worse, with long-lasting psychological effects such as low self-esteem and high self-consciousness.

Ear correction procedures can help to fix such issues by permanently altering the ears so you are no longer embarrassed by their appearance. Ear re-shaping can involve:

  • Pinning the ears back
  • Reducing their size
  • Reshaping them after an injury
  • Reshaping them due to a deformity

Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the size or prominence of either one or both ears. Ear Reshaping or Pinning is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures and is very commonly performed. It can restore self-confidence to those upset by how their ears look.

With these procedures you will no longer need to hide your ears or eschew accessories that draw attention to them.

Otoplasty FAQs

What does ear surgery involve?

Your consultant will take you through the different steps of the procedure before the surgery, so there will be no unexpected surprises. The surgeon will talk you through any qualms and specific problems and explain the best ways to achieve your desired result.

You will either be put under local or general anaesthetic. The surgeon will make a small cut behind your ear, in the fold where the ear is attached to the head. Cartilage and skin will then be removed or reshaped depending on your desired end result and a few small stitches will be used to hold the ear in its new position.

How long is recovery?

Usually bandages will have to be worn for one to two weeks after the surgery to encourage healing and to also offer support to the ears. Once the bandages have been removed most people return to work as normal, but sports or any other activity that may cause the ears to be bent forward should be left for at least six months.

Will I get any scarring?

The incision will leave a scar, but it will be small and also not visible as it will be hidden behind the ear. The scar will generally fade to match the natural skin tone but Bio-oil, vitamin E oil or similar products will help speed up this process.

Are there any alternative treatments?

Yes, Highgate Private Hospital is delighted to offer the innovative Earfold® procedure – a rapid and revolutionary treatment for prominent/protruding ears. Earfold® is a thin, curved, metal implant, approximately 5 mm wide and 15 mm long, that is made from a lightweight super-elastic alloy of titanium and nickel. It is safely and widely used in medical devices and is coated with 24-carat gold to reduce visibility under your skin.

Ear Reshaping Consultants

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