Audiology (Ear Specialists)

Our audiologist (Ear Specialist) specialises in:

  • Hearing Loss Assessment
  • Advanced hearing aids and accessories
  • Full personalised hearing care packages
  • Ear Protection/Ear plugs
  • In-ear-monitors

Audiology Services provided:

  • Pure tone Audiometry (Comprehensive hearing test)
  • Tympanometry (Middle ear analysis)
  • Ear protection
  • Swim moulds
  • In Ear Monitors

Audiologist FAQs

Q: What happens during the hearing test?

A: The appointment is 30 minutes but the hearing test takes 10-20 minutes depending on age and hearing loss. Initially questions regarding reasons for attending and previous medical history will be asked. The test takes place within a sounds treated booth. Sounds of varying intensities and pitches will be played though headphones and you will be asked to press a button when you hear the sound. The aim is to identify the quietest sounds that can be heard.

Q: How do book an appointment for hearing test?

A: Please make an appointment by calling 020 8341 4182 or emailing

Q: I’m looking for advice for my loved one, what do I need to know?

A: Discuss your concerns regarding hearing loss and hearing aids with your loved ones. Try to identify whether they share your views and are ready to have a hearing test.  It usually takes a number of years for people to accept their hearing loss and commit to using hearing aids. The first step would be to arrange a hearing test and advice session at the Highgate Hospital on a Wednesday morning. It is best if you attend too as hearing loss affects the whole family and your perspective is useful in the evaluation.

Q: Why should I choose Highgate Private Hospital Audiology services?

A: Our Audiology services are customised to your individual needs. Every patient is provided with the upmost care and professionalism. The consulting rooms are brand new and fully equipped. Our team provides the latest hearing aid advice that is unbiased and  tailored to the specific needs of each patient.


Audiology (Ear Specialists) Consultants

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