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The foreskin is a flap of skin that covers the end of your penis. Circumcision is an optional surgical procedure to remove this foreskin.

There are a few different reasons why circumcision may be carried out in men or boys:

Medical reasons: Circumcision may be used to treat conditions affecting the foreskin if other treatments have not worked. These health conditions include a tight foreskin and repeated infections of the foreskin and head of the penis.

Circumcision is a relatively simple procedure. You may have a general anaesthetic, which means that you are asleep and do not feel any pain. Otherwise, you are given a local anaesthetic injection to numb your penis and the surrounding area. During the procedure, your surgeon removes the foreskin just behind the head of your penis. They then stitch together the remaining edges of your skin with dissolvable stitches. You can usually return home on the same or next day.

Here at Highgate Private Hospital, we have London’s leading consultant urologists who treat urinary tract problems. They assess your symptoms, arrange any tests and agree an individual treatment plan with you.

We offer an all-inclusive self-pay package for a circumcision, routine microscope study to check for any abnormal cells and one follow-up appointment. Prices start from £2,431 (terms and conditions apply). For more information, please call our self-pay advisers on 020 3918 9463.


Finance options available

You can spread the cost of your treatment rather than paying for everything up-front by applying for our finance options. More information can be found here. *Terms and conditions apply.

What’s included in your inclusive self-pay package?


Personalised treatment plan

We know everyone is different, so your treatment plan will be individually tailored to you and designed to suit your specific healthcare needs and lifestyle


Preoperative care

All pre-operative assessments and any tests or scans undertaken while you are at Parkside Hospital for the procedure will be covered – so no hidden costs or fees


World-class expert team

All inpatient treatment costs as part of your procedure are included. This includes consultant, hospital, nursing, imaging and physiotherapy fees as applicable



Our expert care doesn’t end when your procedure does. All aftercare including medication for up to 7 days and one follow-up appointment post-surgery is included in your package

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