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Insured Patients

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Highgate Private Hospital accepts all major insurers.  Coverage of treatment differs across insurance providers, so if you are paying for your treatment with private medical insurance, it is essential that you check the terms and conditions of your policy with your insurer before you have a consultation, investigation and any diagnostic imaging or treatment.

They will tell you whether your policy will cover the treatment and how to make a claim.  They will also confirm if there is an excess for you to pay.

Once you have authorisation, your insurer will issue you with an authorisation number or claim form (to be completed by both yourself and your GP or consultant). which you must bring with you when you come for your appointment. Please note that you must also bring your Membership number which may also be called a policy number or a plan number when attending any appointments.

All charges are pre-agreed with your insurance company and we can often arrange direct payment with them.  However, you may also receive a separate invoice directly from your consultant or anaesthetist, which you should quickly forward onto your insurance company.

If it is not possible for us to arrange direct payment with your insurance company, or you do not bring your completed claim form along with your insurance registration documents, or proof of pre-authorisation into the hospital with you, then we will ask you to pay your account, in full, prior to arrival and you will need to send our invoice to your insurer for reimbursement.

We require all patients to register their payment card details upon arrival as some inpatient charges are not covered by medical insurance, such as visitors’ meals, telephone calls, take-home drugs or physiotherapy aids.  You will be invoiced separately for these items and asked to pay before leaving the hospital.

Useful Insurance Contacts

BUPA 0845 609 0111
AXA PPP 0800 454080
WPA 0845 1223 100
Aviva (Norwich Union) 0800 158 3333
Standard Life Healthcare 0845 279 8877
Simply Health 0800 294 7302
CIGNA 0845 722 4462
General & Medical 0800 970 9442
First Assist 020 8652 1313
Vitality 0345 602 3523