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Ask our Expert – Mr Ali Noorani

Discussing knee problems with expert Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Ali Noorani


Dear Ali,

After injuring my knee six years ago I have been told the persistent pain I am experiencing is arthritis and that sooner or later I will have to have a knee replacement. I consider myself young (52) and I enjoy my tennis and golf. I would really like to get back to sports. Is a knee replacement on the cards for me?



Dear Steven,

Unfortunately, knee arthritis due to trauma or natural ageing is common. The good news is that new technologies are being developed which can preserve your natural knee.

Total knee replacements have their place but I would consider joint preservation, especially with someone I would agree is relatively young.

There are many options including a procedure called osteotomy that can realign an arthritic joint. I would also consider a joint preservation technique such as the new Lipogems technology to rejuvenate your joint and restore the function of your knee.

Fat contains lots of juicy blood vessels and natural repair cells. These cells are extracted from your own fat and injected directly into the affected area. These cells trigger a natural healing response within the body. They can regrow tissue and many patients report a significant reduction in pain.

I strongly believe that my primary role is to offer an accurate assessment and a precise diagnosis. I can’t emphasise enough the importance of a face to face assessment.  This allows me to give an accurate diagnosis and a personalised plan for you. The symptoms that you describe are common and many patients need reassurance and explanations for the problems they are experiencing.



Mr Ali Noorani is Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Highgate Private Hospital, specialising in shoulder instability, shoulder and elbow sports injuries, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder & upper limb trauma.

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