Referral Information - Highgate Private Hospital

Referral Information

Referring your patients to Highgate Private Hospital is quick and easy. Simply click on the options below for further information.

Outpatient Referrals

You can refer a patient directly to one of our consultants (for a directory of consultants see the Consultants A-Z).  Alternatively, you can also refer directly to an outpatient service, where there is no named consultant.  Our Client Services team will select the most appropriate consultant to manage your patient’s particular condition.

You can refer using the following methods:


Imaging & Diagnostic Referrals

You can refer to a wide range of diagnostic imaging modalities including x-ray, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, MRI and CT scanning. Experienced radiographers will undertake the examinations, with the report provided by a Consultant Radiologist and returned directly to you.

To refer download a referral form and fax it to 020 8347 3857 or give the completed form to your patient for them to make their own appointment with us by calling 020 8347 3866 or email


Patient Self Referrals

Patients can self-refer to Highgate Private Hospital for the following services:

Direct Access Endoscopy

Services currently available for Haringey, Barnet, Camden & Islington CCGs are:

If you or your patients have any questions about Direct Access Endoscopy at Highgate Private Hospital, please contact the NHS Services Team on 020 8347 3856 or email us via highgatecontracts.referral@nhs.netTo fax your referral, please dial 020 8347 3873


NHS e-Referral (Choose&book)

Services currently available are:


To book the services and consultants available via the NHS e-Referral system please search *Aspen or *Highgate If you or your patients have any questions about NHS e-Referral at Highgate Private Hospital, please contact the NHS Services Team on 020 8347 3864 or email us via

General Medical Admissions

Our General Medical Admissions service is managed and run by a group of expert Consultant Physicians, specialised in General, Respiratory and Geriatric Medicine. We accept patients presenting with a broad range of medical problems, commonly seen on an acute medical take. A GP referral is required for admission. To refer a patient to our Medical Admissions Service call us on 020 8108 4926, and one of our Consultant Physicians will assist you.