Highgate Private Hospital Helps Give Ann her Confidence Back

Reconstructive breast surgery, performed at Highgate Hospital London, has transformed the life of Ann, aged 47 from Essex.

Weighing 25 stone and with a staggering 48J bra size, obese Ann, opted for bariatric surgery to lose weight. Her 13 stone weight loss meant she was left with excess skin all over her body. Her breasts, however, were her biggest problem, sagging over her stomach with nipples which quite literally pointed to the floor.

Speaking about her body, Ann said: “I have no self-esteem, I’ve got no confidence. I don’t ever look at myself in the mirror. I don’t ever look at my body because it’s so disgusting.”

The excess skin was particularly problematic for Ann to deal with; her daily routine included hooking her breasts over her arms to wash and doubling them over to fit into a bra.
The weight of her breasts meant she had constant back and neck ache, and she suffered with complications such as rashes and infections.

Fortunately, Ann was referred to Highgate Private Hospital.

Although consultants agreed surgery would be a big challenge, after an initial consultation with a Cosmetic Surgeon, it was decided the best option for Ann would be ‘reconstructive augmented mastopexy.’

The purpose of the surgery was to reshape the breasts and restore their fullness, to do this, Ann’s cosmetic surgeon would remove the excess skin and fit implants, the breasts would then be elevated back into the pert position they once had.

The three-hour operation went successfully, Ann’s excess skin was removed, her breasts reshaped, her nipples repositioned and her breast implants inserted, she was able to leave Highgate after an overnight stay.

In total, the Surgeon removed 1.5kg of flesh, cutting away as much of the excess skin as he could.

Ann spoke following the operation: “I feel much better, a million per cent better, especially when I have a shower. I hadn’t seen my nipples in 35 years, so to actually see them and know I’ve got some is good!”

Reconstructive Augmented Mastopexy: The Facts

  • The procedure modifies the size, contour and elevation of sagging breasts to leave the patient with an elevated bust with breasts of natural look and size.
  • The breast-lift surgery corrects the aesthetic position of the bust for the woman.
  • The procedure involves cutting away excess and overstretched tissues, creating a ‘pocket’ within the breast in order to fit an implant and transposing the nipple to a higher position on the newly reconstructed breast.

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Date: 04/04/2019
By: gpittson