ACL Rupture: Q&A with Mr Panos Thomas

Q: Do I need surgery?

Surgery is recommended to the following patient groups:

  • Performing on a regular basis a sport involving twisting and cutting such as football, rugby, hockey, tennis, squash
  • Younger patients than 30 years old
  • Patients who failed a physiotherapy rehabilitation programme

Q: What does the operation involve?

The ruptured ligament cannot be repaired. It will be replaced by a nearby tissue from your body, usually from the Hamstring tendons, which will be inserted into the knee joint using the telescope during an arthroscopy or ‘keyhole’ surgery.

Q: What is the recovery like following surgery?

There is a maximum one night stay in the hospital. You will be discharged on crutches, walking partial weight bearing, for the first 2 weeks. Following removal of the dressing, a specific physiotherapy rehabilitation programme will be applied for 6 months.

Q: When can I drive again?

After the 2nd week, usually between 3-4 weeks

Q: Will I be able to return to sport at the same level as before the injury?

The success rate of the operation is very good, over 90% of patients would return to the same level of sport activities.

Mr Panos Thomas, Consultant Knee & Sports Surgeon at Highgate Private HospitalMr Panos Thomas is a Consultant Knee & Sports Surgeon at Highgate Private Hospital specialising in knee arthroscopy, osteotomy, primary and revision total knee replacement and knee ligament surgery such as ACL Reconstruction, PCL Reconstruction and multiple ligament problems.

Mr Thomas also specialises in Sports Surgery: hip arthroscopy, ankle arthroscopy, compartment syndrome decompression and post-trauma management.

Mr Thomas is available for patient appointments on Tuesday afternoons and evenings every week at Highgate Private Hospital.

Date: 04/04/2019
By: gpittson