Coronavirus: Highgate Hospital joins NHS in fight against Covid-19

Highgate Hospital has committed its resources to the NHS in the fight against Covid-19 and delivered vital equipment to a local NHS Trust.

Highgate Private Hospital was made available to the NHS following discussions between the government and the independent healthcare sector about how to help the NHS battle coronavirus.

Our award-winning hospital is offering staff and equipment to fight the virus. Highgate’s 43 inpatient beds are available for use by the NHS, and the hospital is offering essential equipment including life-saving anaesthetic machines.

Highgate is receiving its first patients transferred from the NHS to receive care. A number of immunosuppressed patients – those with a weakened immune system who have a reduced ability to fight infections – will receive crucial intravenous infusions, commonly referred to as drips, at the hospital. The hospital will also treat patients recovering from orthopaedic treatments such as hip and knee surgeries.

On Saturday 28th March, after a spike in Covid-19 cases in London, three of Highgate’s anaesthetic machines were collected by the London Ambulance Service for immediate use at a local NHS Trust. Highgate is preparing for an additional three anaesthetic machines to be sent to the NHS.

With London coming under increasing pressure from Covid-19, Highgate’s resources will play an important role in the battle to care for patients with Covid-19 as well as those who require other urgent operations.

Kate Hoffman, Director of Nursing at Highgate Hospital, said: “Nothing gives us greater pride than to stand with our NHS family at this time of national emergency. We have a huge role to play in supporting NHS patients in our local community and will help the health service in whatever capacity we can. From speaking to our staff and consultants, every single person is 100 per cent committed to doing what they can to help the NHS.”

Highgate staff are backing the government’s campaign asking people to stay at home. In a message to the public that echoes official advice and pleas from healthcare staff across the country, Highgate’s theatre team urged members of the public to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of infection.



Date: 03/04/2020
By: mhunter