Mr Richard Shakes

Consultant Physiologist & Medical Scientist

QualificationsBSc (Hons) Medical Physiology BMedSc (Hons) PhD research focus on chronic diseases in relation to lifestyle.

Main NHS base:

  • Private Practice

Clinical interests:

ECG (to measure the electrical activity of the heart), ECHO (Echocardiogram or a cardiac ultrasound of the heart), Chest Pain. ETT (Exercise tolerance test or treadmill ECG stress test), Palpitations. Holter monitoring (records your heart’s rate and rhythm over a 24hr or 7-day period). High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, Risk factors for ischaemic heart disease. Cardiac Screening. Body composition and visceral fat analysis.

Training & background:

After his first degree in medical physiology and together with his military training, he undertook voluntary aid work in third world countries responding to conflicts and natural disasters abroad. After being certified in non-invasive cardiology testing he went onto medical school and he undertook an intercalated BSc. Med. Sci. He followed this with successful long term postings at the Royal Free Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, Bromley Hospital and St John’s and St Elizabeth Hospital during which he completed his training and furthered his experience in non-invasive and invasive cardiology testing. Richard is a medical scientist with a particular interest in metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and exercise physiology which form the focus of his PhD work.

He lectures on chronic diseases in relation to lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of exercise and nutrition at conferences and universities. He has a role in educating the general population as a television presenter, providing us with a better understanding of medical concepts and research. He conducts sports medicals for professional athletes and performs extensive executive medicals inclusive of total body MRI scans as form of preventive medicine. On the background of a varsity athletics career coupled with his knowledge of anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics, behaviour modification, and nutrition, he receives referrals from psychologists, general physicians and other health professionals in order to write bespoke resistance and cardiorespiratory training programs as a scientific medically qualified personal trainer.


Member of:

  • British Cardiovascular Society
  • British Society of Echocardiography
  • British Medical Association

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Clinic Times: By appointment only

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