Your Hospital Stay

Your operation

A nurse will inform you when you should change into your operating gown and also put an identity bracelet on your wrist ready for surgery. If you have any allergies you will also need an allergy band identifying them. Once ready, you will be accompanied to the theatre by a member of the nursing team, a porter or a member of the theatre staff.

Your room

All inpatient bedrooms are private rooms with an ensuite bathroom and shower. Each room has satellite television, a direct dial telephone for your personal use and internet access, as well as comfortable seating for your visitors.  Your room will be cleaned and bathroom linen renewed each morning throughout your stay.

Catering services

Our daily menus offer a full range of nutritionally balanced meals to aid your recovery.  We cater for all dietary requirements including vegetarian, kosher and special diets such as gluten-free.  Hot and cold beverages are offered 24 hours a day.

Patient services

  • A newspaper of your choice will be delivered to your room daily if you are staying overnight.
  • Both incoming and outgoing post can be arranged for you as well as typing letters.
  • If you require help in arranging a visit from the clergy of any denomination, we will also arrange this.
  • Our in-house Pharmacy can cater for all your medicinal needs and prescriptions.