Quality Standards

Highgate Private Hospital is a member of the trade association for independent hospitals, IHPN (Independent Healthcare Providers Network). IHPN represents over 200 hospitals that provide services to insured, self-paying and NHS-funded patients. IHPN works with the Care Quality Commission to influence, impact and represent the high standard of quality care members provide patients within an independent healthcare setting.

Quality Accounts



We are proud to present the 2019/20 Quality Account for Highgate Private Hospital. This is our annual report to the public and other stakeholders about the quality of services we have provided over the last year and also, importantly, to look forward and set out our plan of quality improvements for the following year.

This Quality Account presents our achievements in terms of clinical excellence, effectiveness, safety, and patient experience and demonstrates that our managers, clinicians and staff at Highgate Private Hospital are all committed to providing continuous, evidence-based, quality care to those people we treat.

It provides a balanced view of what we are good at and where additional improvements can be made. The experience that patients have in all our hospital/clinics is of the utmost importance to Aspen and we are committed to establishing an organisational culture that puts the patient at the centre of everything we do.

We aim to keep developing our initiatives around quality and safety to ensure we are able to bring further benefits to our patients and the care they receive.

2014 – Quality Account for Highgate Private Hospital

2015 – Quality Account for Highgate Private Hospital

2016 – Quality Account for Highgate Private Hospital

2017 – Quality Account for Highgate Private Hospital

2018 – Quality Account for Highgate Private Hospital

2019 – Quality Account for Highgate Private Hospital

2020 – Quality Account for Highgate Private Hospital


Infection Prevention & Control

This quality standard covers preventing and controlling infection in anybody receiving healthcare in our facility. Working with The Health and Social Care Act (2008) Code of Practice on the Prevention and Control and Related Guidance (The Hygiene Code), we produce annual reports on the status and progress of our Infection Prevention & Control.

2018 – Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Annual Report 2018