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Are you considering breast augmentation surgery?

Considering VASER liposuction? Here’s what you need to know


Eczema – How to treat it to beat it!

Moles: Ask the Expert – Dr Ben Esdaile

Discussing melanoma with Dr Ben Esdaile

Excessive sweating and tips on how to manage the condition.

Vitamin D and Sunscreen

5 top tips to protect your skin from sun damage this summer!

Getting your acne under control


5 Ways to Strengthen your Knees for Running

Common causes of hip pain in women – and how to find relief

Experiencing shoulder pain? Here are the common causes and best ways to manage the pain 

Advantages and health benefits of orthopaedic surgery

Pros & Cons to Tennis Elbow Surgery

Tennis elbow: symptoms, signs and treatment

INSIDE STORY: People’s Experiences of Joint Replacement Surgery

A focus on Knee Osteoarthritis and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Nine exercises to relieve foot and ankle pain

Knee revision surgery

Common causes of chronic back pain and how to manage it


Heavy, Painful Periods – The Facts from Mr Gidon Lieberman, Consultant Gynaecologist

The Menopause – 5 Strategies for Symptom Relief

What to do about abnormal periods


What you need to know if you are thinking of having a vasectomy

Prostate Cancer – The Facts from Mr Paul Erotocritou, Consultant Urological Surgeon

Erectile dysfunction – What can you do about it?

Discussing UTIs with Mr George Fowlis


5 helpful tips to keep you calm during your endoscopy

Endoscopy Unit Awarded JAG Accreditation at Highgate Private Hospital

Seven things you need to know about your endoscopy

Everything you Need to Know About an Endoscopy

Top tips for treating your Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Feeling bloated? Here are some top tips for finding relief

General Surgery

Great Exercises to Help Recover from Hernia Surgery

Discussing bowel cancer with Mr Stephen Warren 

Discussing haemorrhoids with Mrs Sara Badvie


Medical Expert explains the health risks in cracking your joints

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